Alien World

by Below The Sun

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moonJester One of the best metal albums I’ve heard so far in 2017. Eerie and atmospheric doom metal with a heavy dose of psyc/prog. Highly recommended! Favorite track: In Memories.
chuck wilson
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chuck wilson An incredible follow up to Envoy that is packed full of atmosphere and crushing riffs. I've been playing it constantly since I picked it up. Favorite track: Release.
Blackmagickat thumbnail
Blackmagickat It's hard to choose a favourite track on this album. It's amazing from start to finish, and like Envoy, this album will be on repeat for a long time. It's deep, heavy, and emotional. Favorite track: Black Wave.
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JT EXTREME The best doom of 2017. Let the alien world harvest thy loins. Favorite track: Black Wave.
Knut Ebeltoft
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Knut Ebeltoft Magnificent. It is an inventive and amazing album. Not to be missed.
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"Alien World is based on the science fiction novel Solaris by Stanislaw Lem; a 1961 tale that explores the nature of human memory in the context of complex communications between human and non-human life forms. The non-human life form that is at the centre of the story in Alien World is an oceanic planet which is capable of bringing human memories into a physical form. The pelagic themes explored within the music on the album continues into the artwork, which depicts an alternative view of the ocean.

The album was recorded at two different studios in the band’s home town of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. No synthesisers or samplers were used during the recording; all sounds were made by guitars, bass, drums and vocals, with some later processed by effects pedals. The band has built layer upon layer of audio explorations, with clear overtones of black metal in the bleak soundscapes, oppressive doom, and swirling, atmospheric metal.

With inspirations ranging from Pink Floyd to Khanate, Jimi Hendrix to AHAB, the influence of such bands is at times obvious, and at others no more than a subtle nod. The results leave the band hovering between genres, but no worse of for it. Choosing not to focus into what sub-genre they’re most suited to, BELOW THE SUN instead focus on expressing the depths of human emotions via their music" (С) Temple Of Torturous


released May 26, 2017

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Below The Sun Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Formed in the Summer of 2012 for a one-off performance, refused to dissolve and still going strong.

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Track Name: Blind Ocean

We’re just a dust
Of boundless space
We're like a grass
Primitive race

But we are sold
To our pride
In the constructed world
Of our mind

How can we learn the Ocean
If we can't understand ourselves
Track Name: Mirrors
We came to space not to conquer
We want Earth to be it’s size
Seek to find no smart creatures
No other worlds, we need a mirrors

We’re coming here ready to find
Loneliness, fight, wail and death
We are noble, humane and kind
Shining knights of the sacred contact
But it’s a lie…
It’s a lie!

Early years (of) civilization,
Or men intelligent more than us.
We want an icon of human creation,
We seek a mirrors

We came to space not to conquer
We want Earth to be it’s size.
Seek to find no smart creatures
No other worlds, we'll find a mirrors
Track Name: Giant Monologue
The first attempts at contact employed special electronic devices that transformed stimuli sent in both directions. The ocean played an active part in the design of the devices - though all this happened in complete darkness. It modified certain components of the equipment lowered into it, as a result of which the discharges it registered would change, and the devices would record a multitude of signals that were like fragments of some vast advanced analysis. In fact, certain results were obtained. The ocean—a source of electrical, magnetic, and gravitational impulses—spoke as it were in the language of mathematics; certain sequences of its electrical discharges could be classified by drawing on the most abstract branches of terrestrial analysis and of set theory; they contained homologues of structures known from the area of physics that is concerned with the mutual relationship between energy and matter, finite and infinite magnitude, particles and fields. All this led scientists to believe they were dealing with a thinking monster, that it was some kind of protoplasmic sea-like-brain grown so vast it covered an entire planet, which passed time engrossed in theoretical reflections on an inconceivable scale concerning the nature of the universe; and that what the instruments captured were no more than tiny, accidentally overheard snippets of a stupendous monologue, utterly beyond our comprehension, that was endlessly being performed in its depths.
Track Name: Release

Deep in the Ocean
Your reflection was created
My illusions
Drowned there on the same day

I can’t believe
That it’s not a lie
Sanity left me
When you came into my life

Deep in the ocean
Let us stop abhorrent things
Please forsake me
And forgive me please
I release

Why? Why?! Why???
You came into my life
Track Name: Dried Shadows
In circumstances that were essentially inexpressible, I seemed to find myself in places devoid of sky, earth, floors, ceilings, or walls, as if I were shrunken or imprisoned in a substance that was alien to me, as if my whole body had become part of some half-dead, unmoving, shapeless lump. Or, rather, that I myself was that lump, deprived of flesh, surrounded by at first indistinct pale pink patches suspended in a medium with different optical properties than air, such that it was only from very close up things became clear, even excessively and supernaturally so, because in those dreams of mine my immediate surroundings were more concrete and material than anything I experienced awake. Whenever I woke up I had the paradoxical feeling that the real waking life was in fact the other one, and that what I saw when I opened my eyes was nothing but its wizened shadow.
Track Name: Black Wave
I’m still waiting for you
On the false land
Black wave crawled to the shore
Reached my hand

I can’t move
My body – numb

In vain I'm waiting for you
Someone mighty and vast
Put an image of your mind
But couldn't comprehend mine
A bad joke?
Or misconception?

With no shame
No back thoughts
I forgive you
Track Name: In Memories
You came to me
From my dreams
From the depths
Of mind’s streams

You were here.
No regret.
This place
Didn't forget.

From (the) pain
You came to me,
And stayed
In (the) memories.

I know
Our closeness
To us.